Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sneffels of Conviction

What's the Challenge?    Finally taking on a personal conviction that has been put on the back burner for too long.

Who's Invited to Participate?   Anyone with a gnawing sense of responsibility toward a particular cause or goal in their lives that has gone unheeded, until now.

What's the Point?   Because we've wanted to, perhaps for a long time, and have been looking for a reason to finally 'tackle the challenge', 'take the plunge' and/or, 'slay the beast' (however you want to look at your own daunting 'mountain to climb'); otherwise there wouldn't be that gnawing sense of 'I should be doing this, now!', would there?

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This isn't your ordinary 'to do' list.  This challenge is addressing the issue that leaves you feeling you haven't been giving your own life your best effort.  We all have different issues, and each is a mountainous task (to us, anyway) to face.  If they weren't, we would've overcome them by now.  So.......

* When addressing your goal, think of getting family or friends involved.  If they understand this area that burdens you, they can better support you and possibly join in the undertaking in their own lives.

*Children have a very narrow view of life, so far.  If you have kids directly involved in your life, break off a little piece of your goal to share with them.

*If you need to approach this mountain alone, keep in mind that I'm climbing my mountain, too.  Many people are.  Address this attempt as personal, not lone.

To see the blogpost that inspired this challenge and to answer the questions of 'Why does this challenge have such a stupid name?' and 'What do mountains have to do with any of this?' visit Climbing Sneffels at

Some tips to lead you forward:

*Whatever personal goal/conviction you are tackling, your efforts, defeats, and successes are your own.  No one achieves goals the same way as anyone else.  Whether someone did it faster or couldn't do it at all has no bearing on your own outcome.

*Conviction has a purpose.  It is a drive within ourselves to do what we know we should be doing or should have done.  Outside support isn't necessary for you to act on your own convictions.

*Often, there is more than one area in our lives that we want to approach with change or action.  Tackle each in its own time, with the first being the one that will aid most in achieving the others in their own turn.

*This change in your life doesn't have to have a deadline to its accomplishment (unless, of course, it's time sensitive).   Some goals involve a lifetime of change, with the growth of self being the ongoing challenge.  Pushing yourself too hard or jumping in headlong may well be your recipe for disaster.  Discouragement is often difficult to overcome so take your time to minimize its assurance.  In other words, take 'who you are' into consideration when approaching monumental goals.  If you need to take 'little bites' in other areas of your life, expect that approach to better serve you in this area.

Good luck, God speed and Congratulations!  (There is strength in optimism!)


  1. Here's a tip on tackling your conviction:
    Keep it personal.
    I don't mean don't share your undertaking with others (in fact I encourage you to get others involved) but that this goal/undertaking is very much your own. A conviction is personal and the internal drive that is pushing you to finish/start/approach whatever your issue might be, is yours. Whether other people are aware, you are still the only one responsible for action. That's what makes it convicting. It's a call of your own.

  2. How can we remain motivated to continue on a path we know we must take? This is the all important question for those who tackle addiction, life saving dietary/activity changes, and other uncomfortable and challenging actions that don't self propel through immediate satisfaction. One way is to remember that you never start on your journey twice. The first step, (accepting what needs to be done and moving forward to do it) is the hardest and the most important. And even if the first attempt is unsuccessful, your next attempt is just that...the NEXT attempt. You are no longer at the beginning, you are already down the road with experiences of perhaps success and failure to teach you in which ways to better approach the next attempt.