Friday, March 1, 2013

27 Hour Stand For Freedom

What's the Challenge?   To participate in actively combating today's thriving slave trade.  Sound daunting?  Don't worry, these students are going to be doing all the hard work!

Who's Invited to Participate?    Adults and teens only, please.  (Of course you are free to use your own discretion on whether you want to involve your younger children but I don't advise it.  Human trade is a foreign concept to American children (or, at best, a detached concept involving Abe Lincoln and a long speech they had to memorize in class) and this subject may expose them to realities that they are not psychologically equipped to handle.)

What's the Point?  To raise awareness concerning the thriving slave trade internationally in existence today and to raise funds to keep 'Miles' fueled and the International Justice Mission in action to continue to break the bonds for the millions still oppressed.

" Using the people's car to combat the buying and selling of people, our stand 4FRDM event sends Miles, the world's first abolitionist spokescar, from Asbury University in Wilmore,  Kentucky to their campus in Orlando and back in under 27 hours.  The symbolically restored 1964 getaway car rolls out on March 8 and has to average at least 65 mph for the duration of the 1,650 mile journey, with no more than 2 hours to rest and refuel.  Stand with Miles as he puts all four cylinders to the test again on behalf of the 27 Million people enslaved in our world today.  Help IJM stand against modern day slavery by sponsoring this event @ $2.70/mile."

Join this monumental effort here!

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?

There are 3 major (and equally important)  ways you can be a part of the action:

1) Contribute financially.  We already went over that one, but it's the tread on the  

2) Prayer.  The students and staff involved in this project are pushing forward  
     through treacherous territory through faith in a God that has called them to help
     the oppressed.  Please pray for:

* The safety of the teams involved
* Endurance and strength for the teams to accomplish their mission
* That the teams' efforts not be in vain.  That awareness will be brought about    
   through their faithful action.
3) Spread awareness!!!  Educate yourselves, and others, on the ugly reality we know  
     is there but are too squeamish to face head on.  I'll be blogging at for all of March with facts, statistics, websites,
     video suggestions and ways in which we can support the abolition and no longer
     participate in the oppression.

Here's what's fueling the teams' spirits and I hope will be a motivator for you as well:

Proverbs 31:8-9
Open your mouth for the mute,
For the rights of all who are destitute.
Open your mouth judge righteously,
Defend the rights of the poor and needy.


  1. They're back, with a few bumps along the way, but with a great story to tell. Here's the link to Dispatch One, and continue on to read the other 3 Updates in sequence to share in the ride.

    Dispatch One | Stop The Traffick Freedom Drive

  2. Did you know there is a hotline for reporting suspected incidents of human trafficking?
    Did you know it is 1-888-3737-888?
    Now you do.

  3. The following blogpost link addresses the call to action, the bigger problem and your personal role in feeding or combating the problem.

    Ugly Answers (March 2013)

    If you haven't educated yourself yet, please take the time. This is an ugly truth that needs to be acknowledged.