Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Imaginary Challenge (w/ non-imaginary prizes!)

What's the Challenge?   Introducing our imaginary friends to the world!  And, if need be, creating one for our adulthood.

Who's Invited to Participate?  Everyone!!  Those who already have imaginary friends can help inspire the rest of us who are creating one for our adulthood (as I did.)

What's the Point?  Waking up our imaginations and unearthing our child within.  An imaginary friend in adulthood may not have the same characteristics as our childhood buddies, but damn, isn't it nice to have a reason to pretend again?!

How can I get a prize?  So glad you asked!  If you send me an introduction to your imaginary friend they (your imaginary friend) will receive a prize through the mail that complements their unique personality.  All introductions will be posted in the comments section of this blog so please make them family friendly.
Include your postal address; all addresses will be used only for this challenge and will not be posted.  Email your introductions to and have fun representing your special friend!!

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This makes a great family or classroom downtime project to promote and refine artistic, creative writing, and/or public speaking (confidence) skills.

Visit  (Imagine) to read the introduction of my own imaginary friend, Imagene.

Some Helpful Tips Before You Get Started

*This is a challenge without rules.  Have fun, revert back to childhood or create your own computer/toaster oven/large screen/wing-man imaginary drinking buddy.  The world of 'anything goes' is yours!!  It's imagination, baby!