Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Champion Challenge

What's the Challenge?  Assume the role of spokesperson, championing for your favorite cause, for a self appointed # of texts, status updates, hours or days.

Who's Invited to Participate?   Everyone that has a cause close to their heart.

What's the Point?  To give a boost up to those who want to help but don't know where the need is great, what resources are required and/or how to access the proper people in order to participate in the cause.

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This makes a great family project as well as a classroom/ scout troop activity.

Different approaches to this challenge could be:

*...that every person (regardless of age, skill level or financial status)  is capable of making a difference in someone's life.

*Highlighting the variety of projects people have undertaken all over the world.  Sending a donation is just a fraction of cause action in this age of info sharing.  'Giving' can range from shoe/clothing/food/toy collection, a lemonade stand (sound familiar?) myth-busting, petitioning (I recently signed a petition penned by an elementary student to Crayola to initiate a recycling program for their markers)....  Find the creative ways people are helping out there!   Everyone can act 'big' in simple ways.

*Emphasizing the range of causes (from eco-awareness, religious tolerance, literacy, animal welfare,  supporting the troops, keeping the arts in public schools, etc...) and finding one that hits home.

Some Helpful Tips Before You Get Started 

- If you are doing this challenge with kids, choosing local causes will further highlight their individual impact on their own community as well as the community's need for individual action.  Ex/ if you choose to promote animal welfare, learn what you can about the shelters in your area.

-When sharing information, put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to act but is without direction on where, why and how.

      +website info (the url, the cause, and a brief description of what kind of help is  

      +stories of your own interaction with a cause.  How you helped and volunteer  
         information on how others can participate.

-  If this is a role you assume on a daily basis already, share your most valuable
   information on how best to spread the word and rally enthusiasm for a cause.

-  For a bit more inspiration before getting started visit the post 'The Champion's Call' at