Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Letter To (A Higher Power)

What's the Challenge?   A wish list to the cosmos.  Let Santa, God, or the Universal Power know what's on your mind!!  Dig up some childish desires to unburden your heart of its weights for a while.

Who's Invited to Participate?  Everyone!

What's the Point? As a fun reminder that you are never too old to want the impossible, never too mature to wish for silly giggly things and never too strong to hope in a power stronger than yourself.

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This makes a great family, classroom, Sunday School, scout troop, anyone anywhere project.  Or, use it in reverse as a personalized birthday or anniversary present: a list of memories made in the past year(s)

*Some tips for you before you begin*

*Decide on a number for your list beforehand  (I used 25 on mine for the days until Christmas.)  This will push you forward to really get those creative juices flowing yet keep you from missing work because you're having so much fun.

*If your imagination is a little rusty, make it easier on yourself by making wish lists for different rooms of your home (I'm partial to marshmallow walls in my kitchen, personally) or a list for a specific category ( your dream list of the 12 best light up sweaters you can imagine, perhaps.)

As always, I've put myself out there as the example so visit my blog Write For Life at for a giggle and a little more inspiration to get you going.  (Mine is in the form of a poem, but that's just me!)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Journey To The Center

What's the Challenge?  An introspective Q&A for personal growth

Who's Invited to Participate?  This one is for the adults.

What's the Point?  To eliminate the non-essentials from within our own selves in order to see more clearly and breathe more freely.

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  Each question can be seen as its own challenge.  If a particular question intrigues you, broaden the scope of its application or meaning in your life.

For a little more clarity, visit the post (Journey To The Center) that inspired this challenge at

                                        Some Helpful Tips Before You Get Started

* This is not a posting exercise.  These questions are for you to meditate on, answer in your own time and act upon in your own way.

*Along the same lines as the above note, I encourage you to embark upon this venture alone.  Share it with you.  Let it be something you're doing for yourself without any need for feedback from outside sources.

*Keep in mind that what is important to you need not ever be important to anyone else.

*Our traumas and past choices do define part of who we are.  They can't be changed and consequently neither can some of their effects on us.  But there is another part of you that you can control.  Use this exercise to find that part.

*Introspective exercises can be used to encourage the acceptance of truths in our lives.  This acceptance helps smooth the path toward growth, healing and change.

So here we go!  Read all 15 questions then choose the ones you are ready to address first.  Work toward honestly answering each one in time.


1) What have you experienced that disproves something you were once taught to      

2) Of the lessons you've learned through past mistakes, which ones do you still apply

3) In which of your strengths are you most proud and how is this represented in your

4) What would it take for you to change your goals?

5) Other than finances, what do you consider to be the most cumbersome burden you

6) In what way are you a healthy component in other people's lives?

7) What more is required for you to view yourself as 'complete'?

8) How often do you give?

9) What piece of wise advice do you apply to your everyday life?

10) In what ways are you actively nourishing your soul?

11) Who in your life has your best interests in mind?

12) What are the top three factors that influence your personal (not work related or  
       financial) decisions?

13) What advice would you give someone who's finding themselves succumbing to

14) What are the top five stress-relieving activities you would recommend to a child?

15) In what ways have you personalized the space in which you spend most of your
       'down time'?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bio. Challenge

What's the Challenge?   A 75 word (or less) bio. of who you are and why you live.

Who's invited to Participate? Anyone and Everyone 

What's the Point?  As an inspirational exercise to help more clearly define your strengths and waken up your aspirations.  Receive a prize for participating!!

Prizes you say?!  Yes, I do.  Email me your address (which will be used only for this challenge and not posted or shared in any way) to to receive something via USPS that I feel will complement the person reflected in the Bio!

How else can this challenge be utilized?

* This makes a great family project; either as individual bio's for each member or as
    a 'Family Bio'.  Then,  post it/them onto your family blog or scrapbook.
* This is also a great team/classroom exercise for the group

Here's what you do:

1) Write your own bio in 75 words (or less, of course) and post it in the comments section of this challenge.

     Simple enough,right?  We'll are some tips for you:

     You have something to offer your family, your community and, in extension, the  
     rest of the world.  What is it?

     *A bio. is no place for modesty.  Assess your strengths.

     *A bio is an optimistic way.  That means you DON'T LIE!  (it defeats
       the purpose, silly) but be grand in your description of yourself.

     *A bio. is not a list of goals but more a list of achievements and attributes of which
       you are proud.

2) Post your bio in the comments section under this challenge.  Note: comments are moderated so it will not post immediately but only after I've flagged it as appropriate.  And please keep in mind that this is a family friendly challenge so if your bio contains obscene language or inappropriate content (by mildly conservative standards) don't submit it for posting.

To see my bio. and the blog post that started not only this challenge but this entire Blog idea skip over to (it's the '75 words or less' post).

Good luck and have fun!!