Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The H2/G2 Challenge

What's the Challenge?  Claiming a simple object (two sided, two toned, or two objects of different colors...) and keeping it/ them in view, in pocket, around your a reminder of the control you wield in your own life.

Who's Invited to Participate?   Everyone  in need of an attitude reset button.

What's the Point?  To enable us to more easily toggle from the attitude of  'I only have to do this once' to 'I only get to do this once' (H2 vs G2, because I'm a nerd and this feels very 'Issac Asimov' to me when phrased with capitals and numbers).

How else can this challenge be utilized?

- Create a 'choice coin' (or card etc..) with two clearly different sides to give to a younger child as an object lesson about attitude and personal choice.

- If you benefit from journaling, keep notes and tell your story of daily choice.  This could prove to be a valuable reminder of moments of joy you almost let pass.

Some tips to get you started:

*If you are choosing an everyday item like a coin, don't spend it then pick up another coin.  Although this can work as a reminder for you every time you see a coin, more likely the significance will quickly be lost.  Personalize your object somehow and keep it.

*Very much unlike Two Face (remember the Batman bad guy as hauntingly portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones) this is not a 'flip the coin and let fate take its course' scenario.  This is a reminder that although we may not have the power to change something, we still have power.

*Associate the object you pick/create with only the purpose of representing the idea of choosing to enjoy life (one side or color) over choosing to muddle through life (the other side/color).  Sometimes all we need is a quick reset to remember that attitude is everything.

The blogpost 'A Pog in my Pocket' at  (May 2013) will shed some light on how and why I came up with this challenge!

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  1. Sometimes a quick trick is all that's needed to help regain a positive perspective and help lift us out of the doldrums. At other times however our lows are beyond our own control and the involvement of a professional counselor is the next step to take toward healing. If you experience deep hopelessness and/or thoughts of suicide please contact immediately. Today is the time.