Sunday, January 6, 2013

The '2013, I Survived 2012 So It's Time To Rock My World' Challenge

What's the Challenge?    Creating a calendar on which to remember the highlights of the month; pics of friends, surprisingly wonderful weather, when uncle Dean had to have the pinto beans surgically removed from his nasal cavity, moments of inspiration, the new Victoria's Secret catalog arrived, Yay, you're pregnant!, Yay, you're not pregnant!......whatever good this year throws your way is to be captured and immortalized on this calendar.  To see the post that further explains the creation of this challenge visit 

Who's Invited to Participate?  Anyone who needs 2013 to be better than '12

What's the Point?    As a reminder that we aren't so easily beaten as to not be able to stand back up and find joy.  Essentially this is a practice in recognizing what is good in order to not have to work so hard in recognizing it in the future.  (Don't worry, it's an easy habit to fall into I'm told)

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  Do you have a family member or friend who is not so easily convinced that there is that much good in their lives?  Keep a calendar for them where you can prove through moments of silliness, warmth and the embarrassment of others that smiles can pervade their frowns, too.

Tips to get you started:

*Any blank 2013 calendar will be suitable as your canvas.  If, however, you don't like the monthly picture of different PNC bank locations just cover the picture little by little with select pics found in junk mail, store flyers or magazines, or just glitter glue the hell out of it!!  Here's a chance to use what you have lying around.

*I recommend that you use this calendar where you usually have your responsible grown-up commitments calendar of bill deadlines and dr's appointments.  If this moving this calendar stresses you out, try placing this new calendar on an opposite wall in the same room and possibly working toward switching their locations.  It will make for a nice surprise in the morning when you keep looking at the wrong one :)

*Don't try to look hard to find moments that are 'calendar worthy' 'cause then you're missing the point!  Simple, out of your control moments of pleasure are everywhere. Capture them!

*Don't make this a chore but something that stays in the back of your mind wherever you are.  Take mental notes or capture pics on your phone during the day. Use this calendar as something you look forward to seeing.

*Feel free to post in the comments section of this blog your favorite 2013 moments so far or how you've personalized this challenge!


  1. My sanity sister, Jyss, donated in my name to Cup of Joe ( year for x-mas. Since then she has been forwarding me the thank you notes from the soldiers that are receiving their complimentary cups of coffee. I'm printing up the e-mails (in red and blue of course) and pasting them to the picture part of my calendar this month.

  2. Did an event or memory land someone special on your calendar? Send them a pic of the note you made or a quick email or letter to let them know they have been considered noteworthy. It's true that often it's the small things that make huge impacts.

  3. Did you fill up your calendar already and the month isn't over yet? Let the memos, pics, doodles, stickers and party confetti from grandma's 90th overflow onto the walls! Allow this project to completely emphasize the good in your life. And for those who haven't quite gotten into the spirit yet of 'good things' then it isn't that they aren't there; you're overlooking them. Take an hour for yourself and go around collecting proof that 'Good' is indeed present all around you.