Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Letter To (A Higher Power)

What's the Challenge?   A wish list to the cosmos.  Let Santa, God, or the Universal Power know what's on your mind!!  Dig up some childish desires to unburden your heart of its weights for a while.

Who's Invited to Participate?  Everyone!

What's the Point? As a fun reminder that you are never too old to want the impossible, never too mature to wish for silly giggly things and never too strong to hope in a power stronger than yourself.

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This makes a great family, classroom, Sunday School, scout troop, anyone anywhere project.  Or, use it in reverse as a personalized birthday or anniversary present: a list of memories made in the past year(s)

*Some tips for you before you begin*

*Decide on a number for your list beforehand  (I used 25 on mine for the days until Christmas.)  This will push you forward to really get those creative juices flowing yet keep you from missing work because you're having so much fun.

*If your imagination is a little rusty, make it easier on yourself by making wish lists for different rooms of your home (I'm partial to marshmallow walls in my kitchen, personally) or a list for a specific category ( your dream list of the 12 best light up sweaters you can imagine, perhaps.)

As always, I've put myself out there as the example so visit my blog Write For Life at for a giggle and a little more inspiration to get you going.  (Mine is in the form of a poem, but that's just me!)

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