Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Imaginary Challenge (w/ non-imaginary prizes!)

What's the Challenge?   Introducing our imaginary friends to the world!  And, if need be, creating one for our adulthood.

Who's Invited to Participate?  Everyone!!  Those who already have imaginary friends can help inspire the rest of us who are creating one for our adulthood (as I did.)

What's the Point?  Waking up our imaginations and unearthing our child within.  An imaginary friend in adulthood may not have the same characteristics as our childhood buddies, but damn, isn't it nice to have a reason to pretend again?!

How can I get a prize?  So glad you asked!  If you send me an introduction to your imaginary friend they (your imaginary friend) will receive a prize through the mail that complements their unique personality.  All introductions will be posted in the comments section of this blog so please make them family friendly.
Include your postal address; all addresses will be used only for this challenge and will not be posted.  Email your introductions to and have fun representing your special friend!!

How Else Can This Challenge Be Utilized?  This makes a great family or classroom downtime project to promote and refine artistic, creative writing, and/or public speaking (confidence) skills.

Visit  (Imagine) to read the introduction of my own imaginary friend, Imagene.

Some Helpful Tips Before You Get Started

*This is a challenge without rules.  Have fun, revert back to childhood or create your own computer/toaster oven/large screen/wing-man imaginary drinking buddy.  The world of 'anything goes' is yours!!  It's imagination, baby!

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  1. (From Megan G.)

    Hey Crissy. This is Megs, Megan's imaginary
    friend. Megan asked me to write and describe myself to you. i wouldn't call myself Megan's imaginary friend. I am the ....what shall we call it.....raw form of Megan before I was snuffed out by misunderstanding people, parents who didn't "get" me, before innocence was taken away. I'm that girl who's walking in a field of wild flowers with a long shirt but no pants because i don't want my legs to be even slightly inhibited to move and dance, and anyway i just don't do skirts or dresses....yuck. In fact, i dont really need pants because all of my limbs are covered with tattoos of crucial times in my life when someone was trying to snuff me out (like a candle with a wick that was no longer wanted to give light where light was needed). I'm an opened book. If you look at my tattoos long enough they actually seem to come alive and tell you the story that they represent. Living trophies of my triumphs of refusing to be snuffed out! I'm the life of the party without any.....added preservatives shall we say? You get my drift? There are days when, if you could actually see me, it would look like megan and i were two totally different people. But I've noticed that, as she get's older, when i look into the mirror at us, I can't see myself as much any more as Megan fights to come back to, well, megs. There are several people in her life (non connected to one another) who started calling her Megs which brought her much joy and happiness! It happened out of the blue each time. Times when she was being silly and connecting deeply with people. In each circumstance they just started calling her Megs. And so now the two are becoming one again, as it was meant to be, like at her birth when there were no scrooges, no feelings of inadaquacy, no one tellings her "you could never do that". Just pure Megs. That's me. That's becoming her.

    ps, she told me to tell you how theraputic this was for her! thanks for putting this out there and challenging :).